Vote Koohan Paik-Mander

Kudos for Koohan

From Democratic Party Hawaii 2018 Convention Alternate Delegate, District 1:

"...The much brighter light I want to shine is in the creative and audacious way...Koohan Paik managed to turn a rather empty and innocuous environmental resolution into a significant specialized sanction declaiming the hazardous Hu Honua bioenergy plant now being foisted upon us, the residents of the Hamakua coast.

Koohan performed a slight bit of political alchemy in a last minute insertion of terms identifying this specific project as just such an example of what the bulk of the resolution was intending to condemn; that is, in being a causative facility for polluting our ground water, exacerbating global warming... 

The net affect of her actions was nothing less than a public relations coup!  The amended and enhanced resolution, once explained from the convention floor, passed with overwhelming support in this statewide jury of about 500 delegates and right in front of several of our Big Island legislators who had previously expressed unqualified support for this deviously misrepresented project...

Again, hats off to Koohan and several alert activists that engaged the process at critical junctures and in rather spontaneous and inspired bursts of political jujitsu showed how to make it all work!"

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